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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas conversion results....

 Hi folks

My son got me a Dark Eldar Razorwing and I have converted it to be part of my Saim Hann Eldar.  I have tried to remain true to the looks of the FW model while keeping work to a minimum.

With the exception of the brightlance bits, I used only what came with the model and it is also the first time I've used GW's new liquid green stuff (along the sides of the body where I had to cut away some of the model to achieve the eldar look.)

All I have left to do is add some plasticard to the tail fins to make them look more like the original model, but that won't be too hard.  And once that's done, I shall basecoat and paint it to match the rest of the army.  One DE feature I am keeping is the cutouts along the trailing edge of the wing, I plan to paint it so that area looks like wraithbone and should make it stand out abit more :)

As always comment are most welcome :)
Saturday, 29 October 2011

Post "Throne of Skulls pt 2" Report


I have been back a week now and had time to digest the events of last weekend.  I had a great time, lots of bad luck, and scored some real bargains from Forge World in the process.

My son and I (He took his Dark Eldar) arrived in Nottingham on the friday night about 11pm and were up till 4:30am doing last minute painting and repairs.

I was up again at 6:30am (couldn't sleep) and put finishing touches on my army.  I went with 26 thunderhammers and a force weapon.  The 3 speeders provided long range missle support for a mere 225 pts.  I had alot of trouble securing 26 sets of thunderhammers and stormshields and if not for several bits sites, I would never of made it.

Now I had high hopes for this army, and in all fairness, it is a spam list to take advantage of the recent update to the Dark Angels.  With a total of 16 Krak shots each turn, it was not exactly a push over.  And 2+/3+(i) saves are pretty good too.  We arrived late (I blame the son, he's a lightweight when it comes to sleep deprivation) and had about 15 mins to have a look around before registration started and tables assigned.

For my first battle, I was pitted against a beautiful Imperial Fists army belonging to Kevin Chin, a GW artist responsible for work in the Dark Eldar and Ogre Kingdoms codex's.  Here is a link to a pic... Warhammer World on Facebook!

In the coming days, I'll post some battle reports and more lovely pics....

Cheers and Happy Hunting!

Monday, 12 September 2011

A pat on the back for Andy!

Hello everyone

I thought I would share with the community the good news of the moment.  I wish to congradulate my best friend Andy Blozinski with an outstanding showing at the 2011 Late War US Nationals Tournamentheld in Austin Texas.  Please follow the link below for more details of what looked like a really good tournament with plenty to see and learn.

2011 Late War US Nationals Tournament

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A project log worth following.....

Hi Folks

Just thought I would share a cool looking project log just started by someone worth following.

Here is the linky: click me!

Leave some feedback and enjoy!

Cheers and Happy Hunting
Thursday, 9 June 2011

Look out Nottingham, here we come!

Road trip is on for attending the 2011 Throne of Skulls 40k 2 Day tournament!

After some wheeling and dealing, I can confirm that both my son and myself will be going to the October GT in Nottingham.  We will be going to the full 2 day event and I am now going to have too focus on army selection and painting.

I am leaning toward taking my Deathwing, with perhaps some Ravenwing support.  But I have to say the idea of Sammael and a full attack squadron with feel no pain sounds awesome.

My son will most likely be fielding his new Imperial Guard army he's been working on.  But I wouldn't rule out him switching to his Dark Eldar if he's not happy with his painting.

I look forward to meeting some of the people active in the tournament scene and hopefully will make a good showing.

So look forward to more pics of my Deathwing/Ravenwing force as I prepare them for battle!

Cheers and Happy Hunting

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A gift well recieved....

Hi folks

I thought I would share this with everyone.  My son gave me one of the new finecast Eldar Avatars on thursday and here are my thoughts about it.

First off, it comes in a small blister pack and is really quite light.  As you can see from the pictures, there's not much to it.

I was hoping to get a free decal sheet or some instructions on how to put it together, but thats all you get.  I guess the tree-huggers will be happy no excess packageing here.

Now looking at the sprue, there are no extras' with this model.  It's kind of like the Assault on Black Reach terminators or the new Space Hulk figures, the bare bits and nothing else.

The parts were a bit difficult to cut loose, as I was scared of breaking anything, but it cleared the sprue alright in the end and there were no mold lines to speak off, so not bad overall.

Now you have to use super glue to fix this together which could become an issue if there are alot of models or pieces, but with this it was okay (only 5 parts) and went together really easy.  I've worked with Forge World resins and this was easier to deal with than those, but I'll have to watch how well it travels as the FW stuff always gets bent out of shape and has to be fixed.

But the real joy of this model (and the other finecast models) is the detail.  I have to put my hands up and say I am very happy with the model and believe that even though it uses the same parts as the metal avatar, I think the pose I achieved looks more dynamic than the original and the small details (like the teeth) make all the difference in the world.

So in closing, I know there are more models coming in the finecast range (Like Sammael for the Dark Angels) and I can't wait :)

Cheers and Happy Hunting
Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Whisperings on the wind....

Hi Folks

Just thought I would share a few tidbits of information I've come across.  I can't say where from, but the news is good.

First of all, Necrons are for Nov'11 followed closely by the Black Templars for Xmas '11.  And with the withdrawl of the metal blisters by GW, there will be new resins for the complete line very very soon... and I've been assured that my Dark Angels will recieve some love as well next year with a realignment to the new rules which will come out next year... :)

I have other bits of info that I may be able to share soon, will keep you posted :)

Cheers and Happy Hunting!
Friday, 15 April 2011

It gets better and better.....

Hi folks

I just got my handy FW newsletter in!  The Wraithseer is available for preorder and the experimental rules for it are sweet!!!

Like I thought, it counts as a spiritseer and makes having a wraithlord / wraithguard unit very hard to pass up.  I have already penciled one into my army and hopefully will get one in the near future.

I think all this love thats been showered down on the Eldar is a good thing and perhaps FW (and maybe GW too) have realised if you give the masses lots of goodies, they will buy them.

Check it out here, and the rules are here!

So lets here it for Forge World!!!!

Cheers and Happy Hunting
Friday, 8 April 2011

March of the Phantoms....

Hi there folks

Well, the Eldar Phantom is now available to pre-order for everyone now!   But at 350 pounds stirling!, only those die-hard eldar players will get them I suspect.  They are an amazing bit of kit, but would rarely get used.  You can also get the experimental rules here!

I would like to know how many people would actually like to get one of these, I would if I had the cash :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New Eldar Goodies.... Update on the Wraithseer

Hi Folks

Just came across this on Bell of Lost Souls ( thanks BigRed)....

  "The Wraithseer is a HQ wraithlord, his physic powers include one which force an enemy unit to take a moral check at -1 or fall back immediatly. Another gives one wraithlord or wraithguard near him fleet (!). And the other, if a friendly wriath unit within 6" dies roll a D6. On a 6 its still alive, with one wound left. It also has a 4+ invulnerable"

Wow, this is a must have IMO for any Eldar army.  This makes my unit of 2 wraithlords much more attractive and a potential uber unit....

Cheers Folks
Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Eldar Goodies....

Hi there folks

I've been doing the rounds of the gaming boards to get feedback on the recent crop of Eldar units to be released by Forge World.  Overall the reactions range from good to excellent, and I have to say I agree.  When Imperial Armour 11 ships, I can see alot of people buying it just for the rules.  I've listed the units that I personally intend to get with my opinion of it.

First of all there is the Warp Hunter.  I have one on order already, after all it's a falcon with a D-Cannon. 'Nuff said .

Then there are the Wasps.  Deep striking, scoring, super jumping walkers.  These things made the standard war walkers obsolete overnight.  And at just 15pts more on average they are a no brainer, get some!

Also there is the Lynx.  This is a super heavy skimmer that can fly as well.  The model looks lovely and it can mount a sonic lance or pulsar cannon, sweet!

And just a couple days ago, FW showed off the new Wraithseer.  Another amazing model, but no rules yet so we can only hold our breath and hope for some good abilities (Personnally I  want one anyway, no matter what the rules are)

Now they have also released the Shadow specter aspect warriors and the Hornet, but even though they look cool, I feel that the costs of the models makes them not really that economical, especially the hornet.

I think in the next few months as these units make their presence known, the Eldar may be able to withstand the recent bashings that have come as a result of the metagame dex's out there.

Cheers and Happy Hunting
Saturday, 2 April 2011

Not dead, just lurking....

Hi there folks

I haven't fallen off the edge of the world just yet.  Real life decieded to take a bigger chunk of time and any of you with kids can understand that.  With that said, I recently returned from a 2 week holiday back to my home of Texas for the first time in 15 yrs.  I mention this because it has got me to thinking about the changes that have come to pass both here in the UK and back home in the wargaming community as a whole.

I met up with friends and family that had changed alot, along with my hometown (Galveston, which had survived Huricane Ike a couple years ago but still has the scars...) that almost seemed alien to me now.  I found myself musing over the state of gaming today and how I think it has shifted from when I moved to the UK all those years ago. 

When I left the states, the university/college scene was a big part of the tournament scene as well as a meeting place for everyone.  In my area alone, there were 4 good tournaments a year minimum, and many smaller groups at local level.  But now I think there may be a shift toward corporate sponsored events and the like, as my friend demonstrated with a FoW 1 day event he was booked for and has another one this coming weekend. I asked myself if I would be able to adapted to the new scene over there and I was surprised to find I would be coming back almost like a newbie...

Well, in closing, My family have decieded that we are going to make the move back to the states in the near future, so I guess I am going to find out by jumping in the deep end again :)

Cheers and Happy Hunting
Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Not a good day in the Highlands......

Hiya Folks

I have just been reliably informed that due to the current economic climate, staffing issues, and general apathy, Conflict Scotland (GW's only sponsored event in Scotland) has been cancelled.

I for one am deeply saddened as I was looking forward to using my new(ish) eldar for the tournament and all the prep work I've been doing was for naught.  I find myself at a loose end in gaming terms as almost all of the games I've been able to get were in build up to the tourny.

I think in areas where there are conventions or tournaments every other week, the impact of loosing one might not be as severe.  But as it was the only show in town so to speak means there are hundreds of gamers in Scotland now not having anything to look forward too....

And it's only january..... what else can go wrong......

Cheers folks..
Friday, 14 January 2011

Everyone put your hands in the air!!!!

What excellent news!

By now everyone must know about the FAQ's posted on the GW site today.  All the Dark Angel and Black Templar players are rejoicing tonight!  But why has it taken so long for GW to bring the older codex marines in line with CSM?

Could it be the upcoming Grey Knight update?  If what the current buzz says is correct, than this correcting of the older dex's could only to soften the blow of future disappointment.  I guess you have to take the good with the bad, so I will be happy that at least my beloved Deathwing can kick some serious smurf butt now ;)

Cheers and Happy Hunting
Saturday, 1 January 2011

So I can now reveal.......

Hi All that see this!

First of all, Happy New year and all that.  I hope Santa brought everyone plenty of shiny new war machines to play with.  In my last post, I said I would soon reveal something of significant importance to me.  To cut a long story short, my son has secured a full time job at our "local" Games Workshop store and has been enrolled in their management training program!  I couple months back he made the trip down to Warhammer HQ in Nottingham and even though he didn't make the cut then, he impressed enough people that when a spot openned up at the store, they sought him out and offered him the job.

I just want to say congrats and I look forward to any snippets of info he can get me from the inside!!!

Cheers and Happy Hunting