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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Not a good day in the Highlands......

Hiya Folks

I have just been reliably informed that due to the current economic climate, staffing issues, and general apathy, Conflict Scotland (GW's only sponsored event in Scotland) has been cancelled.

I for one am deeply saddened as I was looking forward to using my new(ish) eldar for the tournament and all the prep work I've been doing was for naught.  I find myself at a loose end in gaming terms as almost all of the games I've been able to get were in build up to the tourny.

I think in areas where there are conventions or tournaments every other week, the impact of loosing one might not be as severe.  But as it was the only show in town so to speak means there are hundreds of gamers in Scotland now not having anything to look forward too....

And it's only january..... what else can go wrong......

Cheers folks..