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I live in Scotland but I'm originally from Texas. I've been an avid gamer since the early '80s and have played just about every game out there. I have a lovely wife and 5 children, so getting the life / gaming balance is always important.
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Thursday, 30 September 2010

My Falcons and Wave Serpent

Originally uploaded by 40k vs Life
Hi There Folks

Here is a pic of my latests additions to my painted army, my vehicles. I am posting this to keep myself motivated as much as anything else so suggestions and comments most welcome.

Many thanks
Monday, 27 September 2010

World of Conversions

One of the cool things I like about 40k is the opportunity to make your own models (or conversions).  There is a thriving business that caters to the bits and pieces needed to construct custom units and even create new ones like titans and flyers!
The way I see it, the more you get into the game, the more of a statement you want to make.  At first it starts with a unique leader or vehicle.  But soon it grows into whole units and squadrons of vehicles.  This is what makes this game more challenging in many respects to other games of this genre.  The thought and effort put into each piece brings a new level of enjoyment to the whole experience. 

My DA Company Champion , I don't use him much but when I do he does stand out...

Another conversion, wanted to make a squad of these guys but parts are dear...

So what are your favorite or most effective conversions to date?

Cheers and Happy Hunting

Multiple Armies vs Specialization

Hi Again Folks

I recently went to my local gaming club for a quick game and something came to my attention.  I noticed there were some new faces there and 1 guy had brought 3 armies to play.  Now they were not Apocalypse ready being only around 1k each but I asked around and was surprised to find a number of players had more than 3 armies.

Now I have 3 myself, my original army the Deathwing, and it's support army the Ravenwing.  And my recent addition of my Eldar army rounds out my collection.  I guess what I am trying to get to here is with all the recent (last 12 months) releases and the forthcoming offerings of Dark Eldar, Necron, etc. has it gotten more common for everyone to collect many small armies or a few large ones.
                                           An insane amount of Dark Angels

I know what side of the fence I fall on but would be very interested to see where everyone else is at.  I get the impression of folks buying the lastest army box set to get the niftiest new rules and units, while all the time sticks in the mud like myself patiently plod on with outdated codexs in the hope of a brighter future release all the time increasing the size of the army beyond what is possible to ever play.

Any thoughts or observations are most welcome!

Friday, 24 September 2010

My Next WIP

 Well, I have just finished my Falcons and will be starting on my wraithlords now, below are pics of one so far not much more to do but tidy up the paint job and do some detailing.

The is my converted wraithlord, note the base, I used one of my sons Iron Warriors as basing material ;)

I'll post finished pics soon, till then

Happy Hunting

Well, I've had 3 days off work (Almost unheard of) and I managed to complete my wraithlords.  Sorry about the pic quality, but I need batteries for my good camera.   Here are the pics :)

Both Wraithlords

Weapons and torso magnatized

Strike a pose!

Well, hopefully you can see some of the detail and blending I've done.  The base of my main WL is my fav bit as it has one of my sons' old Iron Warrior models as basing material :)  Any questions, just ask!


Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Kindness of Others...

editorialI am constantly bewildered by the generous nature of many people in this hobby.  Just the other day I posted some wish lists on a couple of forums and was happy when I had a couple of replies.  I needed those waterslide decals for my Saim Hann army that I am working on and offered to trade space marine sheets and other bits as well.

Well today I recieved 2 letter sized envelops with more than enough transfers for me.  I wish to thank Rev from Warseer and IMCDonnel over on Dakka Dakka for their quick response and I have, in their spirit of giving, decided to give the remaining sheets of Eldar transfers to whomever responds to me.  Email me, leave a comment, I'll pop them in the post (I've got dibs on the Saim Hann ones, but there are loads left) and hopefully these acts of kindness will contiue :)

Again thanks guys and keep the faith!

40k vs Life

Hi Folks

Just a quick question here, how does everyone manage real-life with an active life in the gaming community?

I have had troubles in the past with striking the right balance and think we could benefit from some good tips.  I would say that keeping everyone informed (partners, wives, work) is helpful.

Any thoughts from anyone?

Cheers and Happy Hunting

Our Love of Leaders...

Hello Everyone

I was going over some models I need to paint and noticed that I've nearly completed all of my HQ units yet other elements of the army have lagged behind.  This got me to thinking about why have I clearly put alot more effort into finishing these guys over the rest.

Now I am the first person to try and save time, money, and effort when it comes to painting yet I have went over the top on some of my top models, here's a pic to show this
My Deathwing centerpiece
I commissoned this model from Scibors Monsterous Creatures and had my friend Hypodermic over on The Underground to paint it up (my attempt was woeful at best).  I could of got a medium sized army for the costs but I am so happy to have done it.  And I've seen other armies online and at local events where people clearly lavish alot more time and love on these units. 

GM Raziel outside his residence

I remember years ago using figures in role-playing games and taking alot of time getting them just right.  Is this just an extension of that or is there something more.  How many gamers out there see these units as an extension of there own persona?  Does their value as a combat unit take seconds to the emotional attachment to the unit (As a die hard Dark Angel player, the lack of uber-HQ units means I tend to go with the latter view)

Let me know your thoughts and share those pics of your key HQ's!
Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A view of my main army....

I thought I might as well start by showing a short video of my main army, The Deathwing.  I have been collecting the 1st company since first edition and have had a heck of a roller coaster ride with it.  I look forward to a new 5th ed. compatable codex to address the issues that most everyone knows about.  But till then I stubbornly march out with pride!

Here's the linky -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEl67n5jZ_M&feature=channel

My Goals and Motivations

Hello Everyone

Let me start by welcoming you to my little slice of internet goodness that is this blog.  I hope to both share my 20+ years experience in wargaming and learn more myself.  Like alot of folks out there, I love gaming but life often scuppers my best laid plans.  Hopefully by maintaining this blog, I can keep focused and motivated to complete my armies and improve my skills.

I shall start filling up this blog with pics of my armies, techniques I've learned and one's I am hoping to, and include the occasional battle report for everyone to comment on.

So in closing, thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your next visit :)