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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New Eldar Goodies....

Hi there folks

I've been doing the rounds of the gaming boards to get feedback on the recent crop of Eldar units to be released by Forge World.  Overall the reactions range from good to excellent, and I have to say I agree.  When Imperial Armour 11 ships, I can see alot of people buying it just for the rules.  I've listed the units that I personally intend to get with my opinion of it.

First of all there is the Warp Hunter.  I have one on order already, after all it's a falcon with a D-Cannon. 'Nuff said .

Then there are the Wasps.  Deep striking, scoring, super jumping walkers.  These things made the standard war walkers obsolete overnight.  And at just 15pts more on average they are a no brainer, get some!

Also there is the Lynx.  This is a super heavy skimmer that can fly as well.  The model looks lovely and it can mount a sonic lance or pulsar cannon, sweet!

And just a couple days ago, FW showed off the new Wraithseer.  Another amazing model, but no rules yet so we can only hold our breath and hope for some good abilities (Personnally I  want one anyway, no matter what the rules are)

Now they have also released the Shadow specter aspect warriors and the Hornet, but even though they look cool, I feel that the costs of the models makes them not really that economical, especially the hornet.

I think in the next few months as these units make their presence known, the Eldar may be able to withstand the recent bashings that have come as a result of the metagame dex's out there.

Cheers and Happy Hunting