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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Post "Throne of Skulls pt 2" Report


I have been back a week now and had time to digest the events of last weekend.  I had a great time, lots of bad luck, and scored some real bargains from Forge World in the process.

My son and I (He took his Dark Eldar) arrived in Nottingham on the friday night about 11pm and were up till 4:30am doing last minute painting and repairs.

I was up again at 6:30am (couldn't sleep) and put finishing touches on my army.  I went with 26 thunderhammers and a force weapon.  The 3 speeders provided long range missle support for a mere 225 pts.  I had alot of trouble securing 26 sets of thunderhammers and stormshields and if not for several bits sites, I would never of made it.

Now I had high hopes for this army, and in all fairness, it is a spam list to take advantage of the recent update to the Dark Angels.  With a total of 16 Krak shots each turn, it was not exactly a push over.  And 2+/3+(i) saves are pretty good too.  We arrived late (I blame the son, he's a lightweight when it comes to sleep deprivation) and had about 15 mins to have a look around before registration started and tables assigned.

For my first battle, I was pitted against a beautiful Imperial Fists army belonging to Kevin Chin, a GW artist responsible for work in the Dark Eldar and Ogre Kingdoms codex's.  Here is a link to a pic... Warhammer World on Facebook!

In the coming days, I'll post some battle reports and more lovely pics....

Cheers and Happy Hunting!


Automotive Decals said...

I looks real. Good job!

Hypodermic said...

Heya, Hypo here, how have you been? Nice to see the Raziel mini getting spotlight here ;) Mind linking to my webpage on dev? :D

How's life in the frozen north up there? Besides the lack of time for gaming, that is.

GrandMaster Raziel said...

Thanks A.D! The tournament was fun, but impossibly bad die rolls followed me everywhere (for example, loosing 2 terminators with stormshields to a single volley from 1 stormbolter!)

And Hiya Hypo!!!! I shall link up straight away and the great white north is getting too cold for my liking, might head somewhere further south, any suggestions? ;)


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