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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Our Love of Leaders...

Hello Everyone

I was going over some models I need to paint and noticed that I've nearly completed all of my HQ units yet other elements of the army have lagged behind.  This got me to thinking about why have I clearly put alot more effort into finishing these guys over the rest.

Now I am the first person to try and save time, money, and effort when it comes to painting yet I have went over the top on some of my top models, here's a pic to show this
My Deathwing centerpiece
I commissoned this model from Scibors Monsterous Creatures and had my friend Hypodermic over on The Underground to paint it up (my attempt was woeful at best).  I could of got a medium sized army for the costs but I am so happy to have done it.  And I've seen other armies online and at local events where people clearly lavish alot more time and love on these units. 

GM Raziel outside his residence

I remember years ago using figures in role-playing games and taking alot of time getting them just right.  Is this just an extension of that or is there something more.  How many gamers out there see these units as an extension of there own persona?  Does their value as a combat unit take seconds to the emotional attachment to the unit (As a die hard Dark Angel player, the lack of uber-HQ units means I tend to go with the latter view)

Let me know your thoughts and share those pics of your key HQ's!