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Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Kindness of Others...

editorialI am constantly bewildered by the generous nature of many people in this hobby.  Just the other day I posted some wish lists on a couple of forums and was happy when I had a couple of replies.  I needed those waterslide decals for my Saim Hann army that I am working on and offered to trade space marine sheets and other bits as well.

Well today I recieved 2 letter sized envelops with more than enough transfers for me.  I wish to thank Rev from Warseer and IMCDonnel over on Dakka Dakka for their quick response and I have, in their spirit of giving, decided to give the remaining sheets of Eldar transfers to whomever responds to me.  Email me, leave a comment, I'll pop them in the post (I've got dibs on the Saim Hann ones, but there are loads left) and hopefully these acts of kindness will contiue :)

Again thanks guys and keep the faith!