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Friday, 24 September 2010

My Next WIP

 Well, I have just finished my Falcons and will be starting on my wraithlords now, below are pics of one so far not much more to do but tidy up the paint job and do some detailing.

The is my converted wraithlord, note the base, I used one of my sons Iron Warriors as basing material ;)

I'll post finished pics soon, till then

Happy Hunting

Well, I've had 3 days off work (Almost unheard of) and I managed to complete my wraithlords.  Sorry about the pic quality, but I need batteries for my good camera.   Here are the pics :)

Both Wraithlords

Weapons and torso magnatized

Strike a pose!

Well, hopefully you can see some of the detail and blending I've done.  The base of my main WL is my fav bit as it has one of my sons' old Iron Warrior models as basing material :)  Any questions, just ask!