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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Coming out of the closet....

Hi there folks,

I was recently reminded of some boardgames I had lurking in a closet.  My kids had found them and, by all accounts, had a smashing time.  After they had gone( I dare not show them all my games) I had a look at the collection and came across some real gems.  There was the 2nd ed. Spacehulk along side the newer version.  Also there was Car Wars, by Steve Jackson Games with the original pocket ruleset.  The hours I spent playing some of these games I guess is about the same kids today spend on their mobile phones, PSP's or DS's.  But I wonder which (if either) is better.  I know I spent alot of time playing old board games, even to the point of spending an entire summer recreating the battle of the bulge in Squad Leader!

So I have to think to myself, do I have to accept my kids attraction to the latest techno-gizmo console since I was also given to playing any number of games.  Or is it right to steer them clear of a path of wasted afternoons and fresh air.  After all, I imagine had I been born in these times I too would have much better thumb response times and not been so pasty when I was younger...