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My Eldar

This is a complete current list of my Eldar army.  This army is the first army that I have actually had free reign to build up.  I started it from the trade off of my Tau army and from that core, I've built up a pretty impressive Saim Hann Wild Host.  I've always favored mobility (love my Ravenwing) and the idea of dozens of jetbikes whizzing across the board was irresistable.

Now with the new Eldar units coming out, I am really excited about the coming year.


Saim Hann Eldar -

        Farseer Aelaedr'al (on jetbike)
        Farseer Eladrie 'l (on jetbike)
        Autarch Hai han ial (on jetbike)
        24 x Warlocks  ( 20 on jetbike)

       11 x Banshee's w/ Exarch
       10 x Scorpions w/ Exarch
       10 x Harlequin Troupe including Death Jester, Troupe Master, and Shadowseer

       36 x Guardian jetbikes (3 x jetbike squadrons)           
       24 x Rangers
       20 x Guardians w 2 Hvy support platforms

Fast Attack
      8 x Vipers

Heavy Support
     3 x Fire Prisms / Death Spinners
     1 x War Walker Squadron
     10 x Dark Reapers w/ Exarch
     2 x Wraithlords
     2 x Falcons

Dedicated Transports
    3 x Wave Serpents